Bosoms, Heaving

Romance, romance, romantic, Romantic, Romanticism, 1789-2017 Academics have recently “discovered” romance novels–bodice rippers, Regencies, love stories–but the ideas in these books have a deep history, one that links them to Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, and Jane Austen. This episode, I look at the steamy bits and their social and political foremothers. From Romanticism to […]

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Reader, I Tweeted Him

140 characters to 400 pages, 1847-2017. Humans are hard-wired to love stories and the more personal the tale the better. But with every narrative there come certain complications: the audience, the author, the text. This week we delve into the surprising connections between Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Twitter. We start with Patton Oswalt, take […]

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“Hungry Hearts”

Season 1, Episode 1: Hungry Hearts Listen here: OR click the link below and player should pop up in a new window: // We may think that Bruce Springsteen and Alfred, Lord Tennyson are two very different artists, but once we start digging into their work, interesting similarities arise. Join me as I take […]

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Blithe Spirits is rebooting…as a podcast. On July 3rd, I’ll begin a new version of this site…with similar goals. If the old site was about connecting Romanticism to now, then the new site is even better. I’m expanding my horizon (and technological skills) and offering you a new series on the ways in which the […]

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