Blithe Spirits is rebooting…as a podcast.

On July 3rd, I’ll begin a new version of this site…with similar goals. If the old site was about connecting Romanticism to now, then the new site is even better. I’m expanding my horizon (and technological skills) and offering you a new series on the ways in which the past haunts us–sometimes in charming, sometimes in troubling ways.

Covering the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, I’ll examine topics as seemingly incongruous as Jane Austen and valley girls, Bruce Springsteen and Tennyson, Twitter and Jane Eyre, and much, much more.

The first season is 10 episodes (+ an 11th bonus episode), dropping every other Monday from 3 July to 20 November.

Here’s a teaser list of titles…

Episode One: Hungry Hearts, July 3

Episode Two: Reader, I Tweeted Him, July 17

Episode Three: Bosoms, Heaving, July 31

Episode Four: As If, Austen, August 14

Episode Five: Mad, Bad…actually just Bad, August 28

Episode Six: Look on my Presidency, Ye Mighty and Despair!, September 11

Episode Seven: Put a Bird on It, September 25

Episode Eight:  The Veil of Man-tears, October 9

Episode Nine: Run Ichabod, Run!October 23

Episode Ten: Bromanticism, November 6

Bonus Episode: The Answer is Always “Imagination,” November 20

Check back over the next few weeks for more updates, spoilers, and information about how to download & listen.


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