Reader, I Tweeted Him

140 characters to 400 pages, 1847-2017.

Humans are hard-wired to love stories and the more personal the tale the better. But with every narrative there come certain complications: the audience, the author, the text. This week we delve into the surprising connections between Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Twitter. We start with Patton Oswalt, take a couple of detours into Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and think about publishing, freedom of expression, and identity. Oh, and we all agree that St. John Rivers is the absolute worst.

Blithe Spirits is written, performed, and edited by Halina Adams.

Music featured in this week’s episode:

“Surface Tension 3,” Podington Bear, Piano I

“Twosome,” Podington Bear, Uplifting

“Excidentis foliae,” Damiano Baldoni, Crystal Lake

“forgive me,” Damiano Baldoni, Crystal Lake

“Bluebell (Acoustic),” Axletree, Sunset

“Three kites circling,” Axletree, Cormorant

“Kwartet Japonski,” Maciej Zolnowski, Kwartet Japonski I + II

“A Sea Change,” Kyle Preston, Geo

“la dance nostalgique,” The Owl, Fairy Forest

“Noted,” Julie Maxwell’s Piano Music, Lover’s Quest

“Better Way,” Kai Engel, Better Way

“Se recourber,” Mon Plaisir, Bonjour from Paris, Nantes and Montreal

“Opus 04,” Dexter Britain, Creative Commons, Volume 7

“Days Gone By,” Scott Holmes, Film & Documentary

“Flight,” Scott Holmes, Film & Documentary

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